studio Azul


Office name studio Azul
Location 2-5-13 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Sakurabashi Daiichi Building 304   530-0001
Representative Mai Miura
Established 2013’10.7
Business content
  • Video production
  • Paper media design production
  • Website production
  • Lecturer business
  • Event planning, etc.
Industry Media production


Representative message

If we can serve our customers with all our strengths, such as video, paper design, and web production, it will save us the trouble of our customers and will be of great help. I think that, we will provide a total service with a set of promotions.

At the same time, I would like to help those who have skills but cannot work, those who cannot work because they do not have skills, and those who can utilize a lot of “mottainai power”. My goal is to teach our skills, improve our skills, and more easily, to “work freely” at home whenever we want.

“Because I have children …” “Because I sometimes feel sick …” “Because I don’t have the skills …” “Because I don’t have time …” For those who have given up working like that
Skill-up school, training / examination, and practical work can be done step by step and consistently.
We are working on a “work freely, creative” project.

Please look forward to it!

Mai Miura, Representative of Studio Azul